Monday, 20 May 2013

Is it time English Footballers Moved Abroad?

I've just seen Jamie Redknapp on Sky saying that we need to keep our best British players in the Premier League. 

I presume he means that he wants the league to remain strong and its easier to hang onto the best British talent than foreign footballers who've made a move over to the UK.

I have a theory which goes against this when it comes to the national side and ensuring we have the right elements to win a tournament.

I believe if England are to win an international tournament we need to relinquish our hold on our talent and allow them to play in the top football leagues around the world. The majority of those are still in Europe, in fact I can't see a reason why a top player would want to be anywhere else, after all did it cost Beckham an extension of his International career to move to the MLS and play for LA Galaxy? 

Don't get me wrong I think as an outsider watching games online, the MLS is probably the most improved league in the last decade. What was league 2 standard  has worked it's way to a much better state.

Going back to Redknapp he was talking about Gareth Bale and Spurs, saying we need to keep him in the premiership. Whilst I'd love to see him stay, he'd be a better footballer if he moves this summer for big money to Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. Both sides offer him a style of football he would relish. 

Owen, Beckham, Macmannaman all did well at Real Madrid and shows us that British talent can move abroad. 

England have always had issues when it comes to building a squad, whereas teams like Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain haven't really had that issue.

Germany may be an anomaly in that list, like England so many players are in their domestic league, but on the flip side look at the new Belgium team. A very strong outfit where most of their players play abroad. 

Perhaps we need to think about the national side and start by letting Rooney go to Germany or Spain and a few other players who need a 'new challenge' to push themselves to new heights. 

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